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Experienced Guidance for Marriage Dissolution

Divorce, or the dissolution of a marriage, can be challenging. When you have been accustomed to running a household as an intact family, it can be difficult to imagine living in two separate residences with the same income and resources. You may also worry about how the divorce will impact your children. Further, there are significant legal and emotional matters that must be dealt with.

At El-Ghazzawy Law Offices, LLC, we understand divorce can be frightening and will patiently walk you through the process. Recognizing the importance of obtaining a fair financial settlement, as well as protecting the well-being of any children involved, we will help you concentrate on the critical decisions that need to be made at various steps in the process. Throughout your case, we will work toward your long-term goals.

Handling All Matters Related to Divorce

Representing clients in uncontested and contested divorce cases throughout the Twin Cities, we handle all aspects of divorce, including:

Seeking an amicable and efficient resolution to your case, we will first pursue mediation. This provides you with greater control over the outcome, preserves your resources and preserves the integrity of your family. However, not all matters can be resolved through mediation. In these situations, we will be prepared to pursue your interests in court.

Factors Impacting Divorce

Mental health issues can negatively impact a marriage. When your spouse refuses to seek treatment for depression, addiction, or another condition, such as compulsive spending or gambling, it can be difficult to function as a family. Regardless of the specific factors leading up to divorce, our skilled legal team can help you get through the process as whole as possible, helping you move on to the next chapter of your life.

Skilled Minnesota Divorce Lawyers

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