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At El-Ghazzawy Law Offices, LLC, we have extensive experience handling all aspects of child support issues. We have in-depth knowledge of Minnesota child support laws and will work to ensure your children receive the financial support they are entitled to under state law.

Child Support in Minnesota

Minnesota law provides clear-cut guidelines for the setting of child support.  These guidelines govern the vast majority of cases, but in certain narrow circumstances courts have the authority to depart from the guidelines if circumstances make this equitable.  The guidelines consider a number of factors in setting the amount of child support, including the income of each parent (including payment or receipt of spousal maintenance), the number of children, the amount of time a child spends with each parent measured in overnights, whether there are any nonjoint children living in the household, etc.

Child support is usually determined in the course of the divorce proceeding.  However, some child support cases are brought long after the divorce is finalized.  There may have occurred a substantial change in circumstances making the original support amount no longer reasonable or fair.  Such changes might involve significant changes in a parent’s income or needs, the receipt of public assistance, the child’s medical expenses, etc.

We will carefully evaluate your case to ensure you are receiving the child support you are entitled to under the law.  We will gather all relevant financial information and calculate the support amount under the guidelines.  We will also consider whether a deviation from the guidelines is appropriate given the specific facts of your case.  If you are the child support obligor (the paying party) we will make sure you are not overpaying.  If you have lost your job, for example, you might qualify for a modification of your support obligation.

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